Foreign policy: Food security

Foreign policy: Food security
The only Policy Issue that cant be picked is “Climate Change”.


3 sources

1. Please access the US State Department website [].   2. Select a policy issue from the policy issue tab which might also include one of the regions, or an issue listed under Arms Control and International Security; Civilian Security and democracy; or Economic, Energy and the Environment.  3. From one of these areas, select a paper topic that you would like to explore for more detailed information. 4. Provide detailed background information about the top you are exploring. 5. Identify the foreign policy agency or agencies that are involved in this topic. Describe the nature and extent of their involvement.  6. If there are multilateral [UN or other international government organizations] involvements in the issue, please explore and determine US reaction to any multilateral decisions made.  7. Finally, discuss US involvement or actions taken with regard to your topic.
Please note that I expect you to use PRIMARY SOURCES for this paper. That is, please base your paper on information provided by the US government or other intergovernmental documents. Please DO NOT write this paper based on articles that you have read on the internet or elsewhere. This is a primary source paper. After you have drawn on primary sources, you can use secondary sources [articles, books, newspapers etc. to comment on the topic. That should be over and above and after you have written the minimum five-page report.
Guideline for Writing Papers 1. All papers must be clearly written 2. Please proofread all papers. There should be very few or no spelling or grammatical errors 3. All assignments must be typed 4. All pages must be numbered 5. The essay should be a minimum of 5 pages




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Foreign policy: Food security


            According to the website of the US state, the most important business in today’s world is producing enough food and ensuring that it reaches everyone. This is based on the fact that food is one of the basic human needs. Without food, people cannot exist in the world. However, there are many people across different parts of the world who do not have enough food. In some situations, people in such areas lack food completely, hence suffering from various…………..


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