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Foreign Currency Structure & Methods

Foreign Currency Structure & Methods
  • Foreign currencies fluctuate in value relative to the U.S. dollar and other foreign currencies. Evaluate the impact that currency fluctuations have on taxes and propose a strategy that would eliminate or mitigate the tax impact. 
  • Based on the e-Activity, research the treatment of foreign currency received on the sale of property. Based on your research, propose a strategy for a real estate investment trust to eliminate or mitigate its tax liability on the sale of property.

Please make sure that the bullet point and solutions are together and the solution is a paragraph long.





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Fluctuations in foreign currencies can enhance or reduce the returns associated with foreign investments. The impact of such fluctuations on tax is rather a complication. Foreign investors with US securities are normally subject to US government taxes and thus, foreign based investors are taxed on foreign based securities. Normally, the source country withholds taxes on foreign investments before an investor..


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