Film Theory Final Paper: Eisenstein’s Essays

Film Theory Final Paper (8pg) on Eisenstein’s Essays

What are the continuities and differences between Eisenstein’s essays of 1929 and his writing on Disney?  (Or between “The Montage of Film Attractions and the 1935 speeches).


– Eisenstein, “Beyond the Shot” (1929) “The Dramaturgy of Film Form” (1929), “The Fourth Dimension in Cinema” (1929).

The Eisenstein Collection “On Disney” 85-124 and notes 160-65.

———————————————-OR —————————————————

– Eisenstein, “The Montage of Film Attractions” (1924)

– Speeches to the All-Union Creative Conference of Soviet Filmworkers” (1935) in Taylor, ed.Writings, 1934-47.




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According to Eisenstein, the primary purpose of cinema is to “influence the audience in the desired direction through a series of calculated pressures on its psyche” (39). He further explains that the primary way that this occurs in cinema is through montage, which he demonstrates in “Battleship Potemkin.” One sequence in particular, which begins with a religious man making an appearance on the ship, cutting to sailors covered in a tarp, then back to the religious man and….


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