the Field of Behavior Analysis and Risk-Benefits Analysis

the Field of Behavior Analysis and Risk-Benefits Analysis

For this Assignment, you will conduct a risk-benefit analysis for the implementation of a behavioral treatment which was used in a recent (within the past year if possible) scholarly peer reviewed journal.

  1. In one page or less, briefly describe the nature of the behavior targeted for change, the setting in which the intervention will take place, details about the client (diagnosis, gender, age. etc.), and any other relevant information.
  2. Evaluate the eight different risk factors using the examples from p.234 and 236 of your text as a model.
  3. Evaluate the five different benefits using the example from p. 240 of your text as a model.
  4. Provide an overall conclusion as to whether or not you believe that the benefits outweigh the risks involved in the implementation of this behavioral treatment plan.
  5. Include a clear introduction and conclusion. Recommended page length 5—7 pages, APA style including a title and reference page (no abstract is required).




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The study was targeted at implementing a behavioral treatment to a young teenage boy who had shown cases of withdrawal as well as aggregated behavior. The boy was supposed to undergo the treatment at their home with the help of a BA. This was agreed to be the best environment for the child because it was conducive…………..


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