Facility Vulnerability and Countermeasures

Facility Vulnerability and Countermeasures

For this assignment, please choose a facility (business, school, government, etc.) and then analyze and explain the following:

  1. What countermeasures are in place?
  2. Who (threat) or what (hazard) are the countermeasures designed to deal with?
  3. In light of the above information, how vulnerable is the facility?

Your essay should be 3-4 pages long, cite at least three different sources and APA format.




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All facilities face different level of risks that are associated with various threats. This may be caused by natural events, international acts to cause harm, and accidents. It is a fact that all facility owners normally have a task to manage or limit risks in spite of the nature of threat limit risks.

  1. What countermeasures are in place?

Countermeasures should focus on security aspects as well as balancing the institution’s daily business activities. Therefore, in any organization, all security countermeasures need to have a goal in adjusting different potential threat actors’…


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