The Expert Fingerprint Witness

The Expert Fingerprint Witness

Ethics can be defined as a set of principles concerning the proper conduct for an individual to follow in their line of work.

Write a discussion board post the addresses the following:

·                   The qualifications of an expert witness

·                   Propose a code of ethics for a forensic scientist to adhere by. 100 – 150 words.

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In the solving of any given case, the use of witnesses comes in highly recommended.  It is the witness who gives a testimony on the fact being argued on. In the American legal system, the use of expert witnesses is highly recommended and even supported in rile 702 of the Federal rules of Evidence (Binder, 2002). An expert witness, just as the name suggests, is a witness who is also an expert. Among the qualifications, therefore, of an expert witness for the evidence he gives in a court of law, he or she must be a professional…………….
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