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Executive Summary and Presentation

Executive Summary and Presentation

You work for a mid-sized company and someone in the IT department has discriminated against, and offended a fellow employee. As a Human Resources recruiter, your HR Director has assigned you the task of creating a sensitivity presentation with a written report to be submitted prior to you presenting the topic to the various IT Departments throughout the company.

– The work should be two pages long.

– An example of the report; international students working in U.S.


Your Name

ENGL 317

Prof. Heaney

June 6, 2016

·  At least two headings and a title (Arial 14pt font Bold)

·  Bulleted paragraphs and single spaced

·  Text—Times New Roman 12pt font

·  Headings—Arial 12pt font Bold

·  Short introduction

·  Short conclusion

·  Block format

·  Work Cited page (MLA 7th ed)





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International Students Working in the US

Institution Affiliation




America as a whole is considered to be one of the nations with the best organizations of higher learning. They have over time proven to produce the best people in the different industries. As a result, it is notable that this has attracted a large number of international students that come to study in America. After completion of their studies, it is notable that most of them get job opportunities in the country and begin to work in the country. This group…

680 words


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