Ethical responsibility

Ethical responsibility

what should be the ethical responsibility of the marketer any time they want to bring forward a product or service? Given your response, are you seeing what you have suggested occurring in marketing today? Why or why not?  Examples?

In those situations in which you felt the company was unethical, was your situation that you have described simply a bonehead business decision… or was there a definite question relative to ethical marketing practices by the company? Substantiate why you think the company was unethical. Upon what might you draw to defend your answer?





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According to Kotler, and Armstrong (2015), ethics refers to rules and principle of morality that helps people in determining what is right or wrong. Therefore ethical responsibility is a person’s duty to do morally correct actions. Though ethical responsibility people are able to follow rules and regulation set in a certain event or action. The ethical responsibility that guides marketers when they are introducing a product or service is the being socially responsible. Before introducing a new service or a product in the market, one…


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