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Ethical Hacker Questions

Ethical Hacker Questions

Each questions needs an answer of a minimum of 200 words and have 2 references each question

1.) Discuss the role of security and penetration testers by defining concepts such as hacker, cracker, ethical hacker, and script kiddies. Include in your discussion the classifications of ethical hackers and do you think that hacking can be an ethical occupation?

2.) Define scanning and why it’s considered one of the most important phases of intelligence gathering for an attacker. Also discuss what kind of information is collected through scanning and explain why it is important to hackers.





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Penetration testing  also known as security testing is defined as a practice of attacking your client’s or even you own IT systems in the same way a hacker can to indentify security holes. This is done without causing any harm to the network. Hacker is referred as someone who seeks as well exploit weakness in a computer network or computer system. Script kiddies are unskilled hackers who normally break into Network systems through using automated tools that are written by other people.  Crackers are those people who normally break into another person’s computer system bypass licenses or passwords in computer programs or breach computer security intentionally.  Therefore, the major role for penetration testing is to keep customer information secure. As a result, customers are always protected…


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