Why is the ethical climate of an organization important?

Why is the ethical climate of an organization important?

Before completing this assignment, please read the attached document, Expectations for Short Papers.  It is important that you understand the expectations that are required when completing the short papers for this course.

For this paper, please discuss and analyze the following:

Why is the ethical climate of an organization important? What biases can impact our moral decision making?

Provide an example of an ethical dilemma that an organization (or your own organization) has faced that you feel could have been handled differently. What ethical/moral principles should have been considered?

Please note: The readings in week 2 can help you with this paper.


This paper must be 3-4 pages of content (not including the cover page or reference page), and completed in APA format (6th edition). Aside from utilizing the text as a source, you are required to use at least 2 additional resources such as scholarly articles to further help substantiate your perspective.  IF I CANNOT ACCESS the resources you use-you must attach it to your paper or that portion of the paper does not earn any credit.  I will not subscribe or purchase access to any resource. Do not use powerpoints, blogs, flashcards, presentations, websites, or other non-academic resource.

I’ll provide the required pages from the book because as it is mentioned above, our instructor also wants us to cite from our text book (Organizational Behavior Robert KreitnerAngelo Kinicki) and at least 2 additional resources such as scholarly articles.

Your paper must include the following:

  • Cover Page
  • Introduction (1 to 2 paragraph maximum)
  • Thesis Statement (1 to 2 sentences)
  • Content and Analysis (2-2.5 page maximum)

-The importance of Ethical Climate

-Bias that impact moral decision making

-Example of ethical dilemma (internal or global)

-How the issue could have been handled differently?

-What ethical principles should have been considered?

  • Conclusion (1 to 2 paragraph maximum)
  • Reference page

Please also review the Short Paper Rubric located under the Rubrics Tab. (Attachment)



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Globally, the issue of organizational ethics is not optional but a priority. It is for this reason that society is a bit impatient with those who are selfish or irresponsible at the expense of others. Organizational responsibility is an important factor towards understanding the ethical environment in an organization as irresponsibility is driven…………………….


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