Essay #3: Pop Culture Research Paper

Essay #3: Pop Culture Research Paper

In this research paper, you will be exploring a topic related to pop culture which you find particularly interesting. The question is up to you, but it must be a question that relates specifically to pop culture, and must be a question that can be researched and analyzed using a mix of online and print sources. You could ask, “What was the original reality show and how and why did it get popular?”, “How did The Simpsons help redefine the family-oriented sitcom?”, or “How did the rise of riot grrl music influence feminism in the 1990s?” (You cannot explore any of these specific questions since I’m the one who thought of them, but you get the idea.)

Research papers can be scary, and your experience of them might be that they are a simple regurgitation of a bunch of texts that you aren’t really interested in. Hopefully, this paper won’t be like that, but will instead prepare you for the types of writing that you will most likely encounter for the rest of your college career. In this paper, you will be doing research on your chosen subject, but you will also have to pull together your research, analyze it, and come to your own independent conclusion. In other words, your research will support and lead to the answer of your question, but you will generate the answer itself.


5-7 full double-spaced pages in length

Minimally to the last line of the 5th page

MLA format

Include at least 5 secondary sources

3 sources either peer-reviewed articles or from books

Include at least 10 quotes

Include a Works Cited page




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Pop Culture Research Paper

Pop culture is the modern lifestyle that we know today which is characterized by how we live. It means different things for different decades. According to Fiske (2010), “Pop culture is the entirety of ideasperspectivesattitudesimages, and other phenomena that are within the mainstream of a given culture.” It is a useful expression of society and the prevailing..


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