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Essay 2: Multiple Source Essay, Arguing a Position

Essay 2: Multiple Source Essay, Arguing a Position

What will the future look like? Are you optimistic about humankind’s progress, or are you concerned that we (and perhaps the planet) are doomed? In this unit, we’ve read several articles and watched several videos specifically looking at sustainability that let us consider what the future might hold in regards to the environment and our planet.

Building on the different visions of the future presented in this unit, write a multi-sourced paper that argues for an either an optimistic or pessimistic view of what will happen to the planet environmentally.

Criteria you’ll be graded on

A focused, well-defined vision for the future and argumentative thesis

  • A paragraph or so laying out the vision for the future your paper focuses on
  • A paragraph or so briefly describing some of the unit’s sources that are relevant to your vision
  • A specific and clear thesis arguing for your vision

A well-supported position with properly synthesized sources

  • Several paragraphs in which you argue to support your thesis’s assertions using synthesized sources

An understanding of and effective response to objections with properly synthesized sources

  • A paragraph of objection(s), in which you concede that others might justifiably find fault with your vision. Explain your concession(s) or dismiss the objections.
    • Anticipates and effectively responds to readers’ objections
    • A “nevertheless” section, in which you respond to the objection(s) and reaffirm your own position.

A clear, logical organization

  • Paragraphs and sections are properly laid out and have effective flow and logic
  • Effective topic and “wrap up” sentences
  • Transition words
  • Appropriate use of headings, if applicable

An engaging, mature writing style and proper APA formatting

  • Title page, References page, proper page header format, and in-text citations

Sources: 5

Images: if applicable

Due dates: Rough draft due Monday, May 23, by 11:55 p.m. Final draft due Monday, May 30, at 11:55 p.m.

Page length: 6






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Vision on the Future of Earth

The earth is the only planet in the universe that has the natural resources to support all life forms. Resources such as water, land and air have immensely contributed to the continuous sustenance of all forms of species including plants and animals which can either be aquatic or land. As these resources are consumed by earth’s inhabitants, several natural processes are designed to replenish and ensure the continuous availability of these resources (Botkin et al., 2012). Plants use atmospheric sunlight and water in a process known as photosynthesis to produce it food. Animals consume these plants…


1802 words


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