entrepreneurship essay, QUALITY WORK, NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE

entrepreneurship essay, QUALITY WORK, NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE

1.  My business will be a restaurant that will be a Food truck that make and sell sweets.

2.   Present your choice in a few sentences.

3.  Next, in the same Word document, write a one page description of the industry you are choosing to enter with your entrepreneurial idea. Conduct a search on the Internet, the Online Library, or your local library to learn more about this industry. (It might be fishing, hunting, auto, weaving, bowling, office equipment, computers, and so on.) What opportunities for you new business ideas do you find within the industry? How well might your idea fit within this industry?

Suggestion: Dig into two or three trade journals published within the industry you are considering.

1.  Finally, write a one paragraph analysis of your business idea based on the Opportunity Checklist linked below. Based on the checklist, assess whether or not your idea is just a weaker idea or a better opportunity. Share details from the checklist.

Opportunity Checklist Need a checklist just like this one for my business? You need to open Opportunity Checklist

Need reference (APA)





…………….Answer Preview………….

A restaurant that will be a Food Truck that makes and sell sweets

A food truck offers the convenience needed by the customers. A mobile kitchen is in a position to cook up new customers. It is key to customer satisfaction. An entrepreneur can make modifications on their brand so easily. It will, therefore, build up a base of customers that will be likely to follow into the restaurant. Improvement…………….


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