English Short Story Mood Analysis

English Short Story Mood Analysis

Studying Mood: The writer of “An Astrologer’s Day” uses descriptions to transport the reader to
a different time and place. The Astrologer in the story also creates an atmosphere to help
convince his customers that he is credible.
Locate three to five instances in the story where you see the writer or the Astrologer creating a
mood. List these, and then analyze what kind of mood they create. How do the customers feel
within the story because of the mood the astrologer creates? How does the reader feel because
of the mood the writer’s descriptions create?





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There are instances in the story where the astrologer creates a mood for the reader. these moods includes the following, the fact that the astrologer is described as having a vermilion on his forehead, a gleam in the eyes and a saffrod colored turban. This kind of features creates a mood of confidence on the ability of the services that the astrologer possesses in his work. The other fact is that the vendor next to the astrologer gives his commodities fancy names so as to attract his customers through encouragement….


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