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Employment law case analysis – Young

Employment law case analysis – Young

Young requested to be absent from work for two days so he could attend a church convention. His boss passed along the request, but failed to note that it was for a religious purpose, so the request was turned down. Young then sent another request, but it was rejected too. He went to the convention anyway. When he returned, he was suspended for ten days for having left without permission. He protested that the suspension was harsher than other employees were given for similar infractions and said he would file a complaint. He was fired.





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Legally everyone has a right to freedom of worship. It is illegal to deny anyone this fundamental right. In our case above, Young was right to ask for some off days to be absent from work. His boss need not have rejected the request on basis of worship. If the boss  had passed the request before noticing that it was for religious purpose it means that he was denied the chance because of that and thus he has a right to sue.

It was however wrong for him to go to the convention without receiving proper permission. Being an employee, one…


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