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Employment law case analysis – Ms. Jones

Employment law case analysis Ms. – Jones

Ms. Jones, a department manager with the City’s Regional Hospital is fed up with Joe, one of her new employees, who keeps pointing out her management errors and the errors of others. As a result, she feels that he is a disruptive influence and has to be terminated. She justifies this on the basis that she is the manager and has the right to decide who is or is not to be in her department.





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According to the case study, the manager is rightfully placed to decide the fate of the junior employee. Joe is a junior and a new member at the hospital. Though through his experience working, he is in a position to establish if there is something wrong in the management and operations of the employees including the manager herself (Collins, Ewing and McColgan, 2012).

            However, Joe is not supposed to point this out immediately since it portrays him in bad light to the staff and to the human resource…


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