Employment law case analysis – Murray

Employment law case analysis – Murray

Murray was a part-time faculty member at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU). She was hired with the understanding that if she completed her doctorate within three years, she would receive a full-time appointment. After three years, she stated that she would receive her degree soon and was given a five-year contract. If she did not complete her degree within that time, she would be terminated. During the five years, she was treated for breast cancer. Because of the time cost of dealing with the disease, an additional year was added to her five-year contract. At the end of that time she did not have a degree and was fired.




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Murray was a part time faculty member at the Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) and was hired on the understanding that if she completed her doctorate degree within three years she was hired. The management of the University was kind to her and even gave her a five year contract when she stated that she was about to complete her doctorate degree. This was a courtesy accorded to her as people without doctorate degrees were not supposed to teach at such positions…


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