Masters in HRER 504 – Seminar in Employment Relations

Masters in HRER 504 – Seminar in Employment Relations

Masters in HRER 504 – Seminar in Employment Relations
Textbook 1: Labor Relations: Striking a Balance 6TH 2020; Author: Budd, John W. Publisher – McGraw-Hill
Textbook 2: Collective Bargaining in Private Sector 2002; Author: Clark, Paul F. / Delaney, John T. / Frost, Ann C. Publisher – Industrial Relations Research Association

Essay Assignment – The right of public sector workers to form and join labor organization, as well as their rights to engage in concerted activities such as economic strikes has become a hotly debated topic in states such as Ohio and Wisconsin. Many government entities, faced with increasing costs and declining revenues, can no longer afford to provide generous pay and benefits. It’s easy to argue that public employees who provide essential services, such as police and fire fighters, should not be allowed to strike, so let’s leave them out of the discussion.

After reading the material on public section bargaining and taking time to conduct your own research via the popular press:
1. Present arguments for and against public sector collective bargaining and the right of non-essential public employees to strike.
2. Be sure to state your reasoning and recommendations

I will E-mail separately all the related articles needed to complete this assignment.
Readings and Activities: Lesson 12 Commentary (Attached herewith)
Text – Budd John, pgs. 134-136, 259-260, 274-275
Library Resources:
•Katz, Kochan and Colvin. (2008) Chapter 13: Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector. An Introduction to Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations, pp. 345-370
•Gibson, Mary (2000) Public Employee’s Right to Strike. In Ethical Issues in Business: inquiries, cases, and readings. (pp. 275-282) Ont. Broadview Press.
Other Readings:
•Craft, James A (Fall2003). Future Directions in Public Sector Labor Relations: A 2020 Perspective. Journal of Labor Research. 24 (4), pp. 545-560.
•Janus v. American Federation of State

Please use APA Style for references.
Please include page nos. from the text for all references.

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Masters in HRER 504 - Seminar in Employment Relations.


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