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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

assignment -1#250 words with reference & 2# 250 words with references. Will reply back with questions.

It is for development for the workplace. Self awareness and Self regulation to improve the development in the work place.

For worksite development-

Self awareness-250 words.

Self regulation-250 words.

and references-






……………Answer Preview…………..

Self awareness

Self awareness is a crucial trait in the work place environment. Self awareness is where the person is conscious of their own morals, values and principles and how they influence those that they interact with. They are also able to gain knowledge from experiences. To such self aware leaders, experience is the best teacher for them. Competent leaders and also employees must possess self awareness. Self awareness ensures imperative and better interaction between people that we intermingle with. ┬áLeaders who possess self awareness in the workplace usually distinguish and articulate their own philosophies while having…


564 words



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