My understanding of higher education has increased substantially due to the contents of this course.

My understanding of higher education has increased substantially due to the contents of this course.

Statement 1

My understanding of higher education has increased substantially due to the contents of this course. One of the assignments that really increased my knowledgebase as an educator was the discussion assignment: Personal Administrative Project. I aspire to eventually work on the executive team of a college/university in the position of VP of student Services. I desire this position because so many college students face mental illness that go unnoticed. I currently work in education for low to moderate income families and the amount of pressure, stress and economic struggles they face is heartbreaking. Some are caregivers for many siblings, some live in shelters, some do not even have the necessities of life. Student counselors are an crucial part of each student’s academic development, however, they cannot do it alone. Additionally, many of the colleges are understaffed in the counseling department, therefore a lot of the initial symptoms of mental health are missed.

In the position of VP (which I am claiming) I am committed to each student’s success.  will have the necessary resources, provisions, collaborations and a servant leadership staff who will implement a robust counseling department, specializing in mental health awareness, academic excellence and personal modification to encourage, support and assist every individual student with the highest integrity.  As the leader of this department, I will ensure every student is reassured of their capabilities as well as their potential with a focus on self-care, self-awareness and self-fulfillment, every sixty days.  It is the responsibility of every student counselor to make the necessary decisions to create a culture that is attractive as well as inviting for the student body. Guerrero-Dib & Heredia (2020) states decision making involves using applicable means, genuine ethical, and academic integrity.  University counselors must be able to differentiate between immediate direct support and philosophies that offer a conceptual framework in decision making (Guerrero-Dib & Heredia 2020).

In every counseling and decision-making process, leaders and stakeholders must be patient and intentional in their counseling services. There will always be times where emergency counseling will be necessary, however, every opportunity to collaborate with a student is an opportunity to provide a glimmer of hope. Isaiah 40:31 31 but those who hope in the Lord  will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

Practical Lessons

Academic integrity is more than just decision making. It is the responsibility of every leader to make decisions based on their ability to apply corrective action properly and appropriately.

University leaders must focus on strengthening their staff through the implementation of university training policies. Additionally, all staff members must feel they are valued, and their expertise is appreciated, and professional development is opportunities are provided.

When making decisions from a leadership perspective, strong ethics must be the foundation of a conclusions.


Guerrero-Dib, J., Portales, L., & Heredia-Escorza Yolanda. (2020). Impact of academic integrity on workplace ethical behaviour. International Journal for Educational Integrity, 16(1)


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Statement 2

As a result of this course, I understand the complexities between the state government, university chancellor, college president, provost, deans, and faculty senate. My respect and admiration have grown tremendously for my institution’s administration. The current president and her cabinet began their term in the fall 2019 semester. Being a first-time president of an underfunded, inner-city public college and having to move the campus community to a remote environment was a tremendous undertaking. As a full-time staff member and an adjunct lecturer, I felt there was little guidance from the administration, even as year two approached. The bittersweet lesson learned is most of the perceived inadequacy of the college’s administration was really due to higher education’s complex and bureaucratic organizational structure.

Applying ethics in decision-making is a practical lesson learned. As a leadership role advances, the decisions made have a broad impact on the campus community. As a manager, my focus was on “doing things right,” not necessarily “doing the right thing” (McCaffery, 2018). The need for staff development, not just faculty development, is a lesson learned. I am guilty of not looking for new learning opportunities for departmental staff because I did not value the possible benefit to staff. Staff development is more than learning system updates. A third lesson learned is to pay more attention to federal and state politics. While I was aware that the government had a role in education, learning how policy can dramatically change from one administration to another was surprising.

My biblical understanding of higher education is just beginning to develop. I have been working in a public college for the past fifteen years, a place where religion or faith are almost taboo topics. Applying a biblical worldview in assignments has taught me to see and hear the message of the Bible in daily situations, not just inside of the church. Having a biblical worldview is a skill that I hope will grow on a conscious and subconscious level.




McCaffery, P. (Ed.). (2018). The Higher Education Manager’s Handbook: Effective Leadership and Management in Universities and Colleges (3rd ed.). Routledge.


Answer preview to my understanding of higher education has increased substantially due to the contents of this course.

My understanding of higher education has increased substantially due to the contents of this course.


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