EDU673: W3 Instruct. Strat. for Differentiated Teach Learn D2

EDU673: W3 Instruct. Strat. for Differentiated Teach Learn D2

Examine “All Children Can Learn”. Then, search the web for effective, evidence-based differentiated strategies that are engaging, motivating, and address the needs of individual learners.

First, provide five evidence-based strategies:

  • Two instructional strategies (i.e., graphic organizers),
  • Two instructional tools (e.g., technology tool, device or iPad App, Web Quests, etc.),
  • One activity (e.g., Think-Pair-Share).

Second, for the two instructional strategies you listed explain how you can alter each to address the classroom needs you designed in Weeks One and Two and how the modification is relevant to the theory of differentiation.




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Learning is good when students are engaged and motivated in effective ways that ensure that their needs for learning are met. There are different strategies that teachers can apply to ensure that they are able to achieve this together with the students. One of the instructional strategies that could be used for this is by the teacher coming up with case studies. With the case studies the students are going to gain a lot of information….


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