Econ Problems & Issues – Week 8/ Discussion 2

Econ Problems & Issues – Week 8/ Discussion 2

Money, Banking, and the Financial System”

—— Please respond to the following: ——

Hyperinflation – Hyoerinflation in Germany 1923

Inflation in Argentina 

My USA TODAY article on banking crisis– check out date–sounds like today though–same old, same old!!! CastorinaUSA_TODAY_FDIC[1]Rev.doc (right click and open in new window)

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Inflation is the sustained increase in the general prices of goods and services. According to the video, it happened back in 1923 in Germany due to the printing of excessive currency. The government needed more money to pay workers and it decided to print more, thus diluting the value of money. The money was thus worthless……………..


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