Diversity management

Diversity management

In a 3 page paper list how you would describe yourself to someone including single words about yourself (im a complex person). What are the most important terms/phrases that you feel best describe you? If you provided this list to someone, what stereotypes might someone have about you?

After you have described yourself, focus on your cultural beliefs (values). How are your cultural beliefs a benefit to the workplace?

Finally, let’s focus on the workplace. Do you believe diversity management is a profitable initiative? Why or why not? How could a manager learn more about managing a diverse workforce?

You will have to do additional research for this assignment. Please cite all your sources in APA format.




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I am an ambitious person. When i have goals and want to achieve something I dedicate myself to work towards achieving that goal until i get the desired results.  Ambition helps me to get what i want in life, this is because even when i fail or i am faced by challenging situation that hinders my dreams i never quit and i always manage to work hard and come up with different strategies that leads me to where i want to be……


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