Discussion 1 – Purpose Statement Peer-Review

Discussion 1 – Purpose Statement Peer-Review

Wk 4 Discussion 1 – Purpose Statement Peer-Review

Please refer to this week’s learning materials. They are intended to help you engage effectively in this discussion.

A peer-review process provides doctoral students opportunities to explore their own ideas and thoughts as well as assisting their peers by providing substantive feedback and critical thinking questions and ideas.
Complete the Purpose Statement Worksheet.

Post your revised problem statement from Week 3 along with a proposed purpose statement for your study.
Blum, K. D. & Preiss, A. E. (2005). Strategies to win: Six-steps for creating problem statements in doctoral research. Journal of College Teaching & Learning, 2(11), 47-51.
James, E., & Slater, T. (2014). Chapter 3: Do you have some idea how you will study your topic? Bridging topic and methods. In Writing your doctoral dissertation or thesis faster (pp. 35-54). SAGE Publications.

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Discussion 1 - Purpose Statement Peer-Review


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