Disease model versus positive psychology

Disease model versus positive psychology

Conduct a poll of at least five people by asking the following questions. Evaluate each answer and decide whether you would consider it as hedonic or eudaimonic, and record it in the table. Finally, answer the question below the table in 200-350 words.

·  What makes you happy?

·  Would you say you are living “the good life?” Why or why not?

·  If you could make any changes you wished that would make you happier, what would those be?

Hedonic Eudaimonic

Write a summary of your results. What common beliefs about happiness were evident in your results?




…………………..Answer Preview…………….

Question 1: What makes you happy?

  Hedonic Eudaimonic
Tom Eating good food  
Nancy   Achieving my objectives in life
Luke Socializing with friends  
Esther money  
Braydon   Learning


Question 2: Would you say you are living “the good life?” Why or why not?


  Hedonic Eudaimonic
Tom Yes, because food makes me happy and I enjoy taking it  
Nancy   I may not be living the good life now but am sure I will in future
Luke Am living a good life because friends are what matter in my life


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