Discussion: Social Networking

Social Networking

Do you participate in social networking sites such as LinkedIn, My Space or Facebook or do you have a personal web site or blog? If yes, what is your experience?

Is there any content you definitely would or would not post on such a page?

If you do not have such a page, why not? (This is also an opportunity to review anything you’d care to discuss prior to your final exam and to talk about lessons learned in the course.)

Must be a minimum of 150 words.






……………….Answer Preview………………

Am a social networking fan with accounts in popular sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. I used these great tools to maintain social contacts. My experience with social networking is one that is filled with a lot of appreciation for the part that such groundswells play in my life. For instance, I used LinkedIn to connect with my professional contacts. This site has enable me to maintain such professionalism and always…


211 words



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