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Discussion questions

Discussion questions

1.  In the latter part of the Twentieth Century up through the present time African Americans have shown a significant presence on the music, film and other areas of the cultural scene.  Explain how this success story  became a reality.  How has it benefited black society?

2.  Discuss black conservatism, its development, agenda, personalities, organizations, political scene, and so on.  Is the  black conservative agenda beneficial for African Americans? Explain.   Is Obama’s agenda good for minorities? Explain.

3.   Identify at least two (2) commonly used law office technologies. Next, explain the main reasons why computer skills are essential in law offices and court systems. Include one (1) example illustrating the essential nature of such skills to support your response.

4.   Describe a particular problem or question that you have faced recently. What are the legal issues that must be resolved? Design a research strategy that describes the various steps and resources that you would use (or did use) to resolve the matter.




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  1. African Americans

African Americans have lived in the country for a long period of time. The first of them were traced back to when they were brought into America as slaves that would work in the farms. Many of them have grown to become American citizens and this has been as a result of many of them being born in the country. This has however been with the problems of joblessness and discrimination. This was followed by the people


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