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Discussion—Licensure, Certification Requirements, and Career Enhancement

Discussion—Licensure, Certification Requirements, and Career Enhancement

Over the course of the past few modules you have learned about the theories of substance abuse counseling. This includes the ethical principles of counseling, ways to apply these principles, and the development of treatment plans, as well as many other areas applicable to substance abuse counseling. You discussed and answered questions about how to deal with specific situations in counseling, how to work with clients, and how to develop a theoretical framework.

By now you will have come to the conclusion that your education as a substance abuse counselor does not stop here. There are many career enhancement resources available to substance abuse counselors. To prepare for this final discussion question, explore the following resources for both career enhancement and licensure or certification requirements:

Using the information you have examined on the recommended Web sites listed above, respond to the following questions:

  • Explain which of the treatment techniques discussed in this course you will use the most in your career and why?
  • Identify the areas in substance abuse counseling that you need for future learning to help you in your career and include at least one career enhancement resource available to substance abuse counselors that will help you meet this goal.
  • Explore the licensure or certification requirements in your state. What are the steps to obtain licensure or certification in your state? Identify the continuing education requirements for maintaining your licensure or certification in your state.

Write your initial response in approximately 300–400 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.





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My preferred treatment technique would be behavioral treatment because it helps patients to engage in the process of treatment, modifying their attitudes and any behaviors related to drug abuse. At the same time, this form of treatment increases healthy life skills.

Substance abuse counseling is a broad topic that needs quite a lot of specialization. Having a bachelor’s degree in the subject is not final; one needs additional enhancements that allow them to specialize to specific areas within the Substance Abuse counselling area. For instance, some people choose to specialize in special population in substance use or applied behavior analysis. A career enhancement that would be…


444 words



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