Discuss appropriate management styles based on the example need 2-3 pages

Appropriate management styles

The DB forum for this week asks you look at the culture in another country, and discuss appropriate management styles.

Western management assumes:

Trainingà Individual Learningà Improved Individual Job PerformanceàImproved Organizational Performance

This is not a universal practice–for example, it does not correspond with many African sociocultural values. One specific example is in Malawi where organizations tend to be seen as having a responsibility to their employees, fulfilling a social role that Western organizations do not usually have. Malawian workers view work as instrumental for personal benefits. They do not feel the same reciprocity toward the organization in terms of high levels of motivation. Managers view their role as one of prestige on whom their subordinates depend highly. There is a very formal distance between levels of management, with perceived ability. And while managers have a great deal of respect for their subordinates, these are not the participative types of management practices typical of Western organizations. Encouraging delegation, for example, would be counter to Malawian values. Individual blame is not usually practiced. Instead, collective responsibility for mistakes is typical. Organizations tend to be very bureaucratic, emphasizing clear guidelines and structures.


1. Discuss appropriate management styles

2. What would you do if you were the manager in an office in Malawi?

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Management is very important in the success of a company. It ensures that each of the assets of an organization is all well managed with an end goal to ensure that the organization can work with profits (Silverman, 2014). Among the resources needed to be managed are the employees who form a large part of the organization and determine the effectiveness of the organization. There is also the management of risk…


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