Dilemma Discussion #1: Mandatory Vaccinations

Dilemma Discussion #1: Mandatory Vaccinations

Topic:                    Mandatory Vaccinations for Viruses such as Mumps, Measles, Rubella, etc

Question:            Do you think people should be required to have certain vaccinations in order to enter public schools and certain professions (teaching, health care, etc)? Explain.

Sources:               On Blackboard


  1. Create a T-chart. List the benefits (+) and drawbacks (-) of requiring vaccinations. [4 pts]
  2. Use Google to read about the concept of “herd immunity.” What does this mean and how is it applicable for the question we are examining? [2 pts]
  3. Do you think requiring vaccines is legal? Would the government be supported by federal and state law in this regard? Explain your reasoning. [3 pts]
  4. Choose a side of the issue to support. State your stance (thesis statement) and then provide at least three supporting reasons to explain your opinion. [6 pts]





Your dilemma discussion should be 2-3 typed, double spaced pages. Use APA format. Length is not as important as content. I want to know what you think and why. Provide examples from the readings to support your thoughts! You may use additional sources so long as you cite them.






………………..Answer Preview…………..

A vaccine is a biological preparation that I induced into the body to help fight a certain disease. Vaccines work by activating antigens and keep them ready to fight the disease when the time comes. Public health programs such as immunization typically only consider direct health benefits of getting vaccinated. Some expert value the importance of implementing a vaccine science diplomacy program and disease can be prevented by building…


606 words


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