What are some catchy pieces of dialogue

What are some catchy pieces of dialogue

2 additional outside sources: one from one other review, and one citing additional factual information.

Here\’s one of the sources to use. Food Waste: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8xwLWb0lLY

The other one source can be from anywhere.

KEY WORDS TO THINK ABOUT IN YOUR ESSAY: Disarm, Satire, Intention, purpose, audience

What catches your eye?

What are some catchy pieces of dialogue?

How specifically is humor being used? And what types of humor? Parody? Sarcasm? Satire? Look these up!

Think about the clips that are shown. What is the intention of the producers in each case?

In your opinion, does the clip get you to think about the issue in a way you haven’t though about it before? Might it motivate you to change?

What is the larger picture the producers are trying to communicate?

What is the primary and secondary purpose of this segment?

Select two outside sources from Galileo to add further support for a claim you make. This should be a supporting fact, and some sort of validation from another review. Primarily you are getting into the practice of supporting your claims with outside evidence

Requirements: 3-5 Pages

Sources Food Waste: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8xwLWb0lLY

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What are some catchy pieces of dialogue


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