device to read brain chemistry

device to read brain chemistry

1. I have a presentation and the title is the device to read brain chemistry( this is our group invented , there is no exist in the world)

2.I want to explain the product first:The device would be something a person could use every day to measure and track specific metrics related to their brain and its chemistry. the measurements could be used by doctors to diagnose mental health and related diseases. Think of it the same way people with diabetes use blood sugar monitors daily to track their levels which doctors then use to understand their condition. Except with the brain. Instead of measuring sugar level it would measure the brains neurochemistry, hormones, neurotransmitters, electrical levels, etc etc. (some scientific research is needed here to establish the  specific measurements). The user uses the device to measure these levels every hour, day, week,whatever, and then is treated for a number of brain related issues (addition, depression,ADHD,schizophrenia, etc .etc) We would be selling the device to hospitals, doctors, and healthcare providers rather than individual consumers, so it would be B2B.

3 And my part is need to talk about STP (Segmentation, target, positioning)

-What type of segmentation strategy will you use and why? (undifferentiated, differentiated, etc)

-How did you segment the market? (geodemographic, etc) Why? Explain in detail, give examples.

-Who is your target market? How/Why did you choose this target?

-Can your company accommodate selling to this segment? (SWOT)

-Any ethical issues?

-What will your positioning strategy be?

…………………………….Answer Preview………………………….

An undifferentiated marketing strategy will be used. According to this approach, a similar message will be communicated to all segments of the target market (Lamb & Hair, 2012). Specifically, this perception is based on the fact that the device will be used for a specific purpose by bit the healthcare providers, the doctors, and other institutional settings. This strategy is similar to mass marketing in that the same message will be used to relay the information to other segments of the target market. Additionally, this type of segmentation strategy enables all critical players in the market to relate to the use of the……………………………..


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