Exploring Various Cultures

Exploring Various Cultures

Option 1 – Exploring Various Cultures

Taking time to explore other cultures enriches our own communication processes. For this assignment option, browse the two websites, World Culture Encyclopedia (Links to an external site.) and Hofstede Insights (Links to an external site.) to learn more about two different cultures. You may certainly use two other websites, just be sure to include at least the URL (APA Citation is preferred). After you\’ve had a chance to review some of the cultures identified on the websites, take time to choose two cultures you can compare and contrast.  Then,:

  • Write a brief description of the two cultures you selected. Be sure to use terminology from this week\’s assigned reading and video as you describe the cultures.
  • Share at least three similarities and three differencesyou see between the selected cultures. (Setting this up in a table is a great option to represent the information).

Option 2 – Intercultural Communication Self-Reflection

This assignment option is intentionally broad To help construct your description/definition of your own cultural identity, consider responding to a few of these questions. You don\’t need to answer all of these questions, and there may be points you include in your self-reflection that aren\’t addressed by the questions (and that\’s okay!), please use the following questions as a starting place.

  • What are my racial, ethnic, national origins?
  • How do my gender and class define me?
  • Are there particular myths, stories, or rituals I remember from childhood that help define me?
  • How does my personal cultural definition/description affect:
    • my relationship to American culture?
    • the rituals I participate in now or the stories I tell others
    • how I communicate  informally with friends and family?
    • how I communicate in more formal settings (in the classroom, an internship, workplace)
  • Some aspects of the relationship between your cultural definition/description and your communication styles and preferences could comment on include:


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Exploring Various Cultures


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