What are the 3 levels of cultural competence

What are the 3 levels of cultural competence

Textbook: Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology by Ronald J. Comer and Jonathan S. Comer
Please read Chapter 2 : Models of Abnormality

I will email you the article “The Case for Cultural Competency in Psychotherapeutic Interventions ” for this chapter 2 Discussion.

The sociocultural  model of abnormality highlights the importance of taking into account one’s immediate environment, culture, race, ethnicity, gender, and similar factors that impact their thoughts and behaviors.  Only recently has there been a surge in focus on multicultural or culturally sensitive treatment approaches.  Unfortunately, many studies have found that members of ethnic and racial minority groups are less likely to show improvement and are more likely to account for the larger attrition rates in clinical treatment(APA, 2020; Tilhou et al., 2020; Alegria, 2019).  Inclusion of sensitive and distinctive issues that those in minority groups face is key to the development and success of a multicultural therapy.  After reading Sue, Zane, Hall, and Berger’s “The Case for Cultural Competency in Psychotherapeutic Interventions.” answer the following questions:

*  The need for culturally competent health care professionals has grown out of a number of factors.  Name 2
*  What are the 3 levels of cultural competence?
*  According to the article, Sue and colleagues (1982, 1992) state that a culturally competent counselor has what characteristics?
*  What are EBPs and ESTs?  Why are these important to establish best practices in multicultural treatment?
*  What is the disconnect between cultural competency guidelines or recommendations and psychotherapy research examining cultural issues in treatment?

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What are the 3 levels of cultural competence


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