Choose an area of interest

Choose an area of interest

Required Final: Common Final Essay Prompt:

Choose an area of interest (for example, architecture, fashion, food, medicine, visual arts, performing arts, handicrafts, or religion). Discuss how the related cultural artifacts evolve and are affected by their context or location while examining the role of media, networks and/or institutions in shaping identity within and across cultures. Cite concrete examples from your readings and additional sources. Submit this essay in WebCampus as an assignment titled “UNIV 2001_COMMON ASSESSMENT”—this title is essential for learning outcome assessments

Parameters: Each essay must be 3–4 pages, double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman typeface with an additional page for references. Essays will be submitted via WebCampus for grading.

Note to the students: Please focus on the following points as you prepare your essay:

Integrate information taken from several different (referenced) sources, to organize that information and to summarize the information, with conclusions that may be new to you.

Begin with a thesis statement, (or a claim) that you will explain and justify in your essay. Support your ideas with a rationale and evidence (not just, “I think”), logically organized throughout the essay. Your ideas and the support should be clear to the reader.

Select relevant material to illustrate your points and provide specific references to class readings and/or videos. You also have the option of including additional research that you conduct via FDU library resources. Your essay must make substantive reference to at
least three course materials. Do not cite, quote, or reference from Wikipedia or general non-verifiable sources. References should follow a standard citation format (APA, MLA, Chicago) per your instructor.

Do a self-reflection of your cultural awareness based on the implication of the topic, issue, or problem raised in the essay.

Proofread your essay; it should reflect proper grammar and syntax.

Refer to the attached rubric when writing the essay.

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Choose an area of interest


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