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CRJ499 Week 10 Discussion

CRJ499 Week 10 Discussion

Change and Personal Reflection Please respond to the following

– Identify a reason to necessitate change in the criminal justice organization of your choice (police, courts corrections, etc.) and discuss the process in which the change will occur.

– Discuss where you expect to be in five years after receiving your degree in Criminal Justice, e.g.do you expect to be in your current job, in another job, etc.?





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As with almost every other field, the criminal justice needs to have some reforms introduced to it in order to bring about a situation whereby the whole system becomes accountable and people get treated fairly (Champion, and Champion, 2008). An example of a criminal justice organization that needs some changes to be introduced to it is the police.  The reason that necessitates change in this organization is due to the number of deaths that are being caused by the police officers to the civilians…..


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