Critical Thinking: Discussing Ehrenreich

Critical Thinking: Discussing Ehrenreich (100 points) 
You are to discuss the main issues brought up in the first half of the Ehrenreich book. You are asked to tie her research into sociological research on work: which theoretical perspective would her work most likely fit into?
How did she do her research and what were the strengths of this approach? What were her limitations? With what you have read so far, describe how the American economy looks from the perspective of low wage workers. The final product is to be a 2-3 page paper, properly cited and formatted.






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Discussing Ehrenreich

            One of the aspect Ehreinreich brings out in the first half of her book is that there are millions of Americans living in poverty, thanks to the nation’s capitalist ideals. In this part of the book, we learn that many Americans are earning low wages besides working in extremely working conditions. This is insulting to both the nation and workers. This is because of the fact that many people believe the US is a land of the free. This is really hypocritical as Americans believe they are empowering themselves whereas…


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