Critical review paper; American Foreign Policy and the War on Terror

Critical review paper; American Foreign Policy and the War on Terror

In this critical review paper you are required to asses, critique, summarize the main points(briefly and to the point), and then analyze carefully the main points that were summarized (In those two articles. Attached).

In the analysis of these two articles you should include a compare and contrast in the style, technique and content of both articles. As well as answer questions like “does the work achieve its purpose? Fully or only partially? Was the purpose worthwhile to begin with? Or was it too limited, trivial, broad, theoretical, etc.? Is any of the evidence weak or insufficient? In what way? Conversely, is the evidence/support particularly receive or strong? Can I supply future explanation to clarify or support any of the main points, ideas, and arguments? Are there sections you don’t understand, why? Was there any area where the author offered too much or too little information?

Paper format (5-7 pages, double-spaced. APA or MLA style)


-Body: brief summary

-Analysis: evaluate other evidence: sufficient (enough evidence examples), representative, relevant (accurate correlations), accurate, claims fairly qualified

-Response: base your reaction on your own experience, prior knowledge, and opinion


Note: You should use the two articles attached as reference, as well as other references to support your argument.







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            Following the decision by President Obama’s policy to withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, armed groups have re-emerged. This was highly as an outcome of the reluctance of the Obama administration to maintain presence in both countries which resulting to a power vacuums that made such groups grow in strength. However, on December 1, 2009, in a televised broadcast to the nation, the President Obama announced at the West Point’s based United States Military Academy, that he was with immediate effect ordering some additional 30,000 additional US combatant soldiers to Afghanistan.

            The Afghanistan War had escalated to a full-blown conflict with insurgencies as well as violent sectarian paralysis as the…..


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