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Critical Analysis – which perspective should you employ

Critical Analysis – which perspective should you employ

In 3- 5 pages, APA style of writing, discuss one selected public health problem and a target population/ community. Argue for either an individual- or population- level approach to the problem.

Be sure to include a rationale for your position and include such issues as impact of cost, diversity, community advocacy, programs in place or yet to be implemented for this problem, as well as how your position can improve health and reduce health disparities.





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Assisted suicide normally occur when a doctor or physician facilitate death to a patient through providing necessary means as well as information so as to enable the patient perform what is known as life- ending act successfully.  For instance, the physician gives lethal medication as well as information concerning the legal dose, how to administer this dose, and being aware that this patient may easily commit suicide. Most of the laws that are against assisted suicide normally require evidence that shows that it is the physician who intervened to assist suicide. One such example is on Maryland’s law where physicians who normally provide medication so as to relieve pain are not at any given time prosecuted even though the medication could increase the risk of the patient dying. It is good to note that assisted suicide is quite different from active euthanasia. This is because in active..


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