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Criminological Theory

Criminological Theory


Short Paper: Criminological Theory

In a 3–4 page paper (excluding title and reference pages), summarize and provide an example of how biological, sociological, and psychological theories of crime causation affect human behavior and actions. Be sure to provide an example of each and include a reference to the examples that may include an article, case study, adjudicated case, etc.

200 word paragraph: Causation of Crime

Discuss how biological, sociological, and psychological theories can have an effect on the causation of crime. Do you think that biological, sociological, and psychological theories are intertwined or work mutually exclusive of one and other in the causation of crime? Provide one example to support each of your ideas.


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Crime is among deviant behavior that is contrary to the norms of the society. There are so various theories that explain what causes individuals in the society to be involved in this deviant behavior.  This includes biological, sociological and psychological theories (Andrews, & Bonta, 2010). Therefore in this paper we will look at each of the above theories together with various examples on how the above theories affect human actions…


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