How my potential research topic align with my personal passion is bridging the gap between health and wellness and counseling

How my potential research topic align with my personal passion is bridging the gap between health and wellness and counseling

Reply to the four statements below.  150 words each and cite.

1.The knowledge and/or skills that I would personally need for me to create a manageable action plan for completing my research would be the knowledge of knowing where to retrieve reliable sources for my research, and to make sure I know how to validate the information before using it in my research. The skills that I need to develop more is my writing and being able to provide detailed, substantial information. I will admit, I am not as strong yet but the more I write the more I will get better at writing.

As of now, the only challenge I see is making sure I make the grades to make it to the next course. I have already incorporated the principles of Murphy’s Law into this program. Murphy’s law is a fundamental principle, “if something can go wrong, it will”, and anyone who ignores this law is doomed to failure (Axelrod, 1967). From my experience with Murphy’s Law in combat, I am now able to make adjustments whenever challenges arise.I do not want to get ahead of myself, so I am taking this program one discussion question at a time, one project at a time, and one research at a time. My plan is to make sure I focus on the assignment at hand, understanding the instructions, and make sure I produce as instructed per homework assignment.

The way I will keep myself accountable is being accountable. I believe that this goes without saying that anyone that has made it this far is not going to do anything less than expected. ______


2. In general, time management has never been an issue for me. I would imagine that in many doctoral programs, the overwhelming nature of all the steps involved in completing a dissertation would cause confusion and delay in the writing. Fortunately, at GCU, those steps and processes are integrated into the class as you progress. Therefore, the milestones that need to be completed at certain points are always clearly charted. That design will provide me with confidence as I will have a specific step or goal to be working on and will not be stuck wondering what I should do next. One possible challenge I may face is in overthinking feedback. If I get caught up in analyzing what the feedback means and if I have addressed it, then my progress may get delayed and put me in a time crunch. A helpful concept to remember that may help me move past over analyzing feedback is that if the reader of your paper asks a question or does not understand one of your concepts, then it is irrelevant how you feel about it (Garrett, et al., 2020). I could get hung up wondering why they did not understand my point and suffer through an internal argument on the why of it. However, that would not advance my dissertation process. If it does not make sense to a committee member, it may not make sense to anyone but myself, and that is certainly not the point of a dissertation. Therefore, I will work hard to incorporate feedback and communicate when I am confused so that I do not end up delaying myself with unnecessary internal arguments.———————


3. How my potential research topic align with my personal passion is bridging the gap between health and wellness and counseling. Most counseling sessions, especially the ones that I have attended, try to apply different concepts and theories to help people with their daily challenges in life, but most of those same people that tend counseling do some sort of exercise because it is a form of their own personal therapy. My doctoral degree is in general psychology with an emphasis in performance psychology. Performance psychology is made of up systematic applications of psychological principles and techniques to performance. My vision is to use different approaches to counseling with the psychological principles to performance psychology that will help reduce symptoms of PTSD and depression. In the scholarly journal, Running as Therapy, states that psychologist believes that exercise is a valid clinical treatment. A study was conducted during a 10-week experimental program and after the 10 weeks results show that participants that were examined in self-concept scores improved in the areas of their low concept (Running as Therapy, 1980).

The best way I know how to assure that my potential topic remains with these three components is to never lose sight of my reason. Me doing this is very personal. I had two of my battle buddies that I served with to commit suicide, and how I have talked to other veterans about similar experiences that I have had in my counseling sessions. Most importantly I want to make sure my research is valid. I do believe that with my cognitive fitness program that I am bringing something original to the playing field that is going to help a lot of people and to save many lives from being taken by PTSD and depression. I do not believe that no one component is dominate than the other, but all three is the driving force for each one. For me, my personal passion for doing this has given me a new direction and a purpose to strive for, when fuels my burning desire to complete my degree.


4. My potential research topic sheds light into an area that has existed throughout many academic years in many educational settings. My personal passion surrounds ensuring that minority students receive an appropriate and fair education. Thus, my potential topic simultaneously coincides with, and informs my passion, as it places an emphasis on the necessities of bridging gaps in academic areas for those students.    My future career purpose is to be an advocate for both minority and other students. I will ensure through administration, that students are not limited or in any way prohibited from obtaining an acceptable, and suitable education. My research topic aligns with my future career purpose, by providing insight, guidance, and preparation prior to embracing my future career.

My degree area is composed of a variety of organizational and leadership components. My topic aligns with these elements by allowing the skills of leading and organizing, to assist a body of students with receiving sufficient educational stability, skills, and resources.

I feel that the three components are equally domineering. The importance is distributed from a balanced angle among each in every aspect. I will maintain a balance between the three by taking into perspective, the versatility between the three genres, and the compatability. Also, I will equally negotiate an approach to balance, adjust, and respond to each as needed.

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How my potential research topic align with my personal passion is bridging the gap between health and wellness and counseling


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