Corrections and incarcerations: Probation and parole

Corrections and incarcerations: Probation and parole

Probation and parole are both types of community supervision for offenders being supervised by correctional agencies. While these forms of community supervision have similarities, they are intended for different types of offenders.

In your initial response, identify commonalities and unique differences in probation and parole. As part of your response highlight how offenders are placed, as well as the types of offenders, on both probation and parole. Conclude your response by evaluating whether you believe one type of community supervision is more effective than the other with respect to rehabilitating offenders



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Probation is defined as the period of time that one is given by a judge to prove that they want to rehabilitate before they are sentenced to time in prison. In this case, the judge can put one on probation without having sentenced them or they can first have a determined sentence and then they are put on probation. On the other hand…..


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