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Contract Law

Contract Law

In contract law, do you agree that parties to a contract should be left unrestrained drafting its provisions? Can the law be allowed to tilt in favor of one party in a contract (e.g. disadvantaged)?

For this topic, you are expected to analyze and draw a conclusion whether law can be a humanitarian instrument in contractual relations between persons (e.g. between individuals; individuals and corporations; and between corporations ). You should also consider whether Australian contract law adopt the principle of “fair-dealing.” Finally, you should be able to give at least two case law examples which could illustrate that law could yield favor to one of the contracting parties. 3 page at least, single spaced and Havard citing and referencing

Please use Aussie cases





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A contract is a legal agreement between two or more people. According to Australian law, a contract is an agreement that may include an offer and acceptance in which the parties involved have to adhere to the agreement. The parties to a contract have to come together in a meeting and draft the provisions of the contract…


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