Consumer Behavior Kaplan University

Consumer Behavior Kaplan University

Select one consumer behavior topic from the list below and prepare a 5–7 page research paper. Your paper should include a minimum of five academic references. As with all material you submit to the Instructor, check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. Please refer to the Online Communications Guidelines for Paper Submission Standards.

  • The Impact of the Digital Revolution on Consumer Behavior
  • Market Segmentation of Online Consumers
  • Consumer Motivation and High Tech Products
  • The Influence of Culture on Consumer Behavior
  • The Adult Consumer’s Decision-Making Process





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Executive summary

It is presumed by most international marketers that consumer’s preferences resemble each other. They believe that consumers will wear similar clothing, eat similar foods, prophase similar faith among many other things. However, this presumption is clearly far from reality. It is indeed true that consumers are varied.  They also have different……………


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