Conduct a survey of 3 students on campus

Conduct a survey of 3 students on campus

make the 3 interview short and simple. all of them on one page

Conduct a survey of 3 students on campus.

Try to get a random sample of people.

Interview them and find out what they

think are the major drug problems on your

campus and how they can be solved. Feel

free to include other questions. Summarize

the results in your one page response.




…………Answer Preview…………..

Drug abuse is common among the youths in my campus (White, and Rabiner, 2012) and that why I took the initiative of asking questions on some of the youths present in my school through a random survey. The students who I targeted included a girl and two young males who were in their early twenties. The following is the information I collected.

            From the first student that I interviewed he concluded that the main drug related problem is lack of concentration in studies and other important…


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