Summative Assessment: Framework, Significance, and Research Plan

Summative Assessment: Framework, Significance, and Research Plan

Week 8 – Summative Assessment: Framework, Significance, and Research Plan
Assignment Content
During the past 7 weeks you have been learning how to formulate a research plan, hopefully for your dissertation. The final assignment for RES/709 has 3 components:

Identify a theoretical and/or conceptual framework to frame your study. What existing theories, concepts, or models are relevant to your study?
Use the SPL Model to identify the significance of your study for scholars, practitioners, and leaders in your professional field.
Polish and refine your Research Outline Template by carefully going over all feedback to ensure the feedback has been incorporated. Compare and contrast the formatting of your Research Outline Template to the original.

Incorporate the feedback and recommendations you received from your course colleagues for the following and add to your research plan.
Wk 8: DQ1 for the Framework section
Wk 8: DQ 2 for the Significance of the Study section

Change Matrix
Review the Week 7 feedback from your instructor on the research design and using a copy of the Change Matrix in Appendix G of the Research Outline Template, record the instructor’s feedback in the first column, state in your own words the feedback provided in the second column, and explain what you have done to address the feedback in the third column.

Continue using the Research Outline Template provided in Week 3 and:
Revise your problem and purpose statements, if needed.
Revise the RQs, if needed.
Revise the research method, if needed.

Revise the design from Week 7, based on the instructor’s feedback.
Add the theoretical framework discussion from DQ1in the Framework section.
Add the significance discussion from DQ2 in the Significance of the Study section.
Complete the Change Matrix in Appendix G of the Research Outline Template for feedback provided in Week 7.

Format in-text citations and references according to APA guidelines.
For a well-structured scholarly paragraph please refer to the MEAL Plan section in Appendix H of the Research Outline Template.
Use the APA Tutorials located in Doctoral Writing Resources and format your paper according to APA guidelines.
Reminder: Before submitting your assignment, proofread for grammar and sentence structure, re-read the assignment directions, and refer to the Summative Assessment rubric to ensure each element of the assignment has been addressed.

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Summative Assessment Framework Significance and Research Plan


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