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Perdue Farms is an American Poultry Company

Perdue Farms is an American Poultry Company

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Perdue Farms is an American Poultry Company and should, therefore, have considered the corporate moral responsibilities necessary for the companies operating within the American Mixed Economy especially in the Poultry Industry including humane treatment of animals. In the U.S economy, the government exercise business control through laid laws that each business within its economy should obey. As its responsibility in mixed economy control to ensure firms within the Poultry Sector exercise a fair competition and observe animal rights, the government has enacted laws and regulations that any business should fully embrace. First, there are anticruelty regulations that demand that animals ought to be given necessities including food, access to free air and water (Georgacarakos, 2015). The rules demand that sentient beings should be treated humanely. Second, there is Humane Method of Slaughter Act as well as the Animal Welfare Act that underline how animals should be treated in research, transportation, exhibition, and during slaughter. The Human Methods of Slaughter Act requires that non-human animals should be considered as sentient beings, which have the capability of experiencing pain, and should be humanely treated as well as made insensible to pain during a cut or quickly slaughtered.

While the Purdue Farms has compromised Kantian Ethics in that it treats chicken without dignity, considering their rights or conforming to U.S rules regarding animal treatment. As the video depicts, just as Crain explains. (Compassion USA, 2014) the Perdue Farms does not allow the chicken to get fresh air or the sunshine. The firm commands Craig as a contractor to let the chicken spend their entire life within the cages. This action violates the Kantian Categorical Imperative. First, the act cannot be universalized because chicken are sentient beings with the ability to experience pleasure as well as pain and if everyone does what Perdue Farms does, animal rights in the entire nation will be dishonored. The act also infringes upon the U.S rules that prohibit cruelty to animals. Second, Perdue Farms does not consider chicken as means as well as ends (Zúñiga & Postigo, 2015). As sentient beings chicken should be quickly slaughtered and should be subject to torture. In the video, it’s crystal clear that Perdue Farms lets chicken suffer due to excessive weight which makes them spend most of their life lying. Third, Perdue Firm doesn’t treat chicken with dignity as sentient beings but merely uses them as food material and advertisement objects. Conclusively, Purdue Farms completely misses the moral right concerning chicken treatment.

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Perdue Farms is an American Poultry Company


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