Share your educational and career goals.

Share your educational and career goals.

Share your educational and career goals. We would like to know how your educational pursuits support your career, why you chose your career pathway, and how NU\’s unique platform is helping you to achieve your goals (missing this part).

– When my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, she is frequently being hospitalized. As she aged, every time I took her to the hospital, I kept asking the nurses questions. She was fortunate to have good nurse practitioners that I felt confident with leaving my grandmother’s life in their hands. I want to be that nurse practitioner that allows my patients to trust me with their lives. By choosing the family nurse practitioner profession, I am joining a career that I am deeply passionate about. I realize that science is always continuously changing. Therefore, I am open-minded and willing to do the research and learn to change my practice throughout my career. I have the motivation to continuously evaluate my skills and knowledge and aim for improvement.

I believe that to be a nurse practitioner, one must be caring and empathetic. Nurse practitioners should be kindhearted and sensitive when dealing with patients and their emotions. Since patients are the priority, we must deliver the humane care they deserve. I strive for improving people’s health through providing high quality, caring, competent, and safe nursing practice, which aligns with National University’s mission. I want to enhance my knowledge by illustrating professional commitment to making an environment of learning for our community. My dream is to further my career and become a successful nurse practitioner, and I am confident that I will fulfill it. I have achieved every goal I set for myself, and I worked hard to achieve every single one of them. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about myself; I hope I am in your consideration for this application.

My long term goal is to open my own family practice, so I can help as many patients as I can. As family nurse practitioners have a strong devotion to the health of our patients and the community. My commitment is to preventive measures for a healthy lifestyle and the knowledge to educate patients to empower them to make educated healthcare choices.

2. NU Scholars are student leaders and ambassadors. What does this role mean to you? In what ways will you become a student leader at NU and an ambassador for others? Please think about joining a student organization, contributing to the CSEA Student Voice (, or any other means by which you think the university could benefit from your leadership.

3. How will you make an impact on your community through your achievement, career, and service?

4. Can you commit to dedicating 2-5 hours per week to community service, NU Scholars activities, and projects for the NU Scholars Program? Please describe how you plan to make time for the NU Scholars Program. ( no problem for me please expand the answer)

5. NU Scholars showcase their community involvement and opportunities to the larger community via social media. The NU Scholars Program offers social media training for a professional online persona and social media use is a requirement of the program, barring special circumstances (e.g., ex-military, active duty, restraining orders). Please discuss what a professional online presence demonstrating your work ethic, commitment to the community, and leadership skills might look like

Requirements: Please respond to each of the following questions in 700 words or less.

6. Please describe how you have demonstrated perseverance and determination in pursuit of your degree and to advance your educational goals.

7. Please describe why you are excited to be a student at National University. What are the best parts of your academic program that you have experienced so far? What motivates you to complete your degree?

8. Why should we admit you into this program? What would a full-tuition scholarship mean to you?

9. Research or Community Service. Choose one question to respond to. Please present a community service or research project you would like to undertake. (Use presentation software, such as PowerPoint or Google Slides.) For community service, what are the outcomes of your project? Which non-profit would benefit? What is the service you would conduct? How would you conduct that service in person and online? For research: what is your research question? What journals would you publish in? How would you conduct the research? Which faculty members would you want to work with? Which conferences would you want to attend?

– VIM – Volunteers In Medicine San Diego – News and Media ( this is where I want to do the community service to help the underserved population.

Answer preview to share your educational and career goals.

Share your educational and career goals. APA

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