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How communication affects behavior

how communication affects behavior

Click the link above to respond to the discussion. If you need help with completing discussions please click here for more information. “How Communication Effects Behavior” •Watch the video titled, “Social Media Policy” (4 min 20 s). You can also view this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iQLkt5CG8I. Next, examine the major effects that an employee not following a company’s social media policy can have on the employer and the employee. Give two (2) examples of the impact and consequences of an employee not following a company’s social media policy may cause.





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Social media policy has been used by many companies to help in building employee engagements, recruiting, expanding different learning opportunities, and effective communication. However, many employees do not follow the media policies set by the organization. This leads to having problems between the employer and employees. One of the major effects of, not following the policy is that it may lead to breaching of confidentiality, lack of trust between the employer and employee. Also….


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