Common IT Information Security Threats involving Ethical and Legal

Common IT Information Security Threats involving Ethical and Legal

Write a 3-to 4-page paper on at least three major information security threats that a specific organization you choose faces today.

  • Describe what techniques and processes you would use to identify the vulnerabilities and threats to the organization you have chosen.
  • Describe potential risks to the information and the related vulnerabilities within the organization when utilizing web components. How could you mitigate the risk?
  • Discuss how the organization can safeguard against legal issues.
  • Discuss some of the types of social data that could potentially cause a problem for an organization.
  • Explain the legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements for protecting the data of the organization.

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Information is a core asset to most organizations, for instance in health care industry. The organization should ensure that the information is secured.  Individual’s information should be kept confidential such that no unauthorized persons can access it. An organization with a developed security system is also able to get a good reputation (Bidgoli, 2006). The organization is also able to retrieve the information readily..


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